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Our world is changing. It's always been complicated.  Now it's complex.

Boost your decision making through powerful advanced  AI simulation

      A tailormade simulator for you

  Fully customisable by you

Actionable Insights To Shocks & Structural Changes

Evaluate All Scenarios To Select The Best Solution

Simple & Easy To Use - 

Works Out Of The Box

Use GlobalABM's cutting-edge virtual world simulator to turbocharge your decision making.

Swiftly testing, exploring and evaluating future impacts of today's decisions.

When faced with uncertainty, GlobalABM will enable you to make better strategic decisions regarding capacity and resource planning.

Delivered via a secure cloud based SaaS platform.  Always up to date with the latest version and features.

How it Works

GlobalABM - Your all-in-one solution for simulating outcomes in highly complex and changing situations

The world comprises many individually complex systems, sectors and societies that are computationally irreducible.  That is to say, they cannot be accurately described mathematically in a model.  COVID; classical economic; and energy market modelling are but three highly topical examples. 

For market leading accuracy, you need to ditch these incorrectly applied methodologies and embrace simulation. This, in a nutshell, is what GlobalABM delivers – We don’t model.  We simulate. Our full-scale virtual worlds (digital twins) enable the all important causal analysis by simulating the mechanisms and interactions that exist in the real world.


GlobalABM's continuous generative simulator includes all key parameters at full-scale to delivers robust and transparent prescriptive analytics that answer the "what", "when" & "why".

Supply & Demand Of Products

Transport & Physical Assets

All Individual Participants

Behavioural Decision Making

Landscape &  External Factors


Events & Scenarios

Prescriptive Analytics Image.jpg.png

Get An Advantage By Adopting Cutting Edge Simulation And Analytics

From actionable insights to powerful analytics - GlobalABM delivers

Why GlobalABM

Put GlobalABM to work for you.  Gain a competitive advantage through faster, smarter decisions

We are living in a rapidly changing world, where we have to be prepared for and deal with the unexpected.

Black Swan events are becoming more frequent.  The impact of COVID, Supply Chain Issues, Energy Shortages, New Emissions Regulations, Geopolitical Instability are all good illustrations of this. Many of these phenomena are happening concurrently, having wide ranging unexpected consequences, and in many environments and markets historical patterns are often no longer being repeated.

There are so many complex inter-related dependencies, feedback loops and multi-dimensional connections that conventional self-correcting mechanisms do not function in the way they used too.


Some events happen that you CANNOT control. However, simulating the impacts of these events allows you to manage that which you CAN control.


A disruption in one place cascades down the line; into entirely new sectors; often meeting other disruptions.  This generates future events that require super-human abilities to understand and foresee.  You can’t use a simple tool to accurately understand these complex dynamics.

A full-scale virtual world simulator that embraces all this complexity is the only way to understand this new paradigm and get insightful answers to your mission critical “WHAT IF” questions.

GlobalABM forms an integral component of your strategic thinking helping predict trends and behaviours, increasing profitability & productivity, reducing risk and allowing you to make evidence-backed proactive decisions.

The latest from GlobalABM


VLCC Oil Tanker Simulator

Our simulator of oil tankers accurately forecasts movements and prices for better informed decision making for traders, charterers and ship owners alike

fredrick-filix-U9_pRASawlc-unsplash (1).jpg


COVID Simulator For England

Our technology was ideally suited to modelling the spread of COVID and also what the impact might be of the various policy interventions the government were considering introducing

Covid 19_edited.jpg
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