Unique and revolutionary next generation analytics

Nobody can predict exactly what will happen in the future


But you can prepare by planning how you will react to things the market might do ahead of time


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Our solutions are powerful yet simple to use tools that let you look into the future by quickly testing strategic decisions & exploring “What If” scenarios for smarter decision making

Our clients can make informed decisions in the here and now based on the optimal sequence of future actions looking months or even years into the future


As GlobalABM’s client you will be able to immediately react to and analyse shocks and structural changes.  You can identify inflection points and periods of changing volatility

Prescriptive Analytics
  • An advanced full-scale simulator making millions of decisions and calculations per second that accurately replicates the real world

  • Our virtual world adaptively simulates the complex, dynamic, ongoing, multi-dimensional nature of real-world behaviour, decision-making, actions, reactions and interactions

  • It is extremely fast, flexible and powerful

  • Ours is not a Black Box as we deliver full visibility into the WHY and HOW of decisions and outcomes

Not Data Reliant
  • Traditional machine learning & statistical forecasting models are trained using historical data, but tend to struggle in the face of data patterns that have never been seen before.

  • Our approach utilising Agent-Based Modelling is different. Sure, we initially use past data to validate the decision making of our agents, but then it's all about emergent behaviour under countless parameter configurations.

Domain Agnostic
  • Our technology has application in numerous markets and sectors

  • Any domain to which we apply our technology and expertise, our approach is the same

  • We start simple, model the basics and then layer in the complexity of the domain piece by piece to accurately simulate behaviour and decision making to extract valuable insights

  • The result is an advanced, user friendly tool that augments your decision making to address key questions, capture opportunities and increase revenues


What is ABM?

Agent-Based Modelling is an advanced simulation approach that dynamically models the behaviour of real-world entities

ABM is a bottom-up approach in which a complex system is simulated as a collection of autonomous decision-making entities called agents

Each agent is situated in an environment that is an accurate representation of the real world, in which it is able to perceive and act based on a set of rules

Agents can be both individuals and collective entities such as groups or organisations


With their actions, reactions and interactions, agents collectively produce the aggregate and emergent behaviour that define the dynamics of the system

You asked ..... ;-)


How would this work ?

Hypothetically, let's say we model traffic flow through a new road intersection. In this scenario each vehicle is an agent and the environment is made up of the roads and their rules

As always, to build a model we start simply.  Define the roads, the traffic signals, speed limits, etc. We then program behaviour of a simple car that is aware of other vehicles and accelerates and slows down according to what other vehicles are doing and what the traffic signals instruct

Even with this simple construct we can immediately see the difference between 5 cars a minute and 50 cars a minute. Now we layer complexity piece by piece by making the agents more intelligent and their interactions more complex. (Trucks are bigger and accelerate slower, x% of people speed, etc. etc.) 

At each step we re-evaluate the output by running 10's, 100's or 1,000's of simulations to see what behaviour emerges from the model and to move closer to answering key questions. This process is constantly iterated to gain a deep understanding of complex behaviour patterns

Imagine being able to ask:

What impact does closing one lane have?

What should the timing delays of the various traffic signals be?

What if I reduced the speed limit across the intersection? 

What would the throughput fall to if the signals failed and the intersection became a 4-way stop?

What will this look like on each of the next 365 days - where all may have their own quirks and peculiarities?


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Graph showing falling oil prices in the

An existing application of our technology

Oil Shipping

The recent disruptions in Oil Markets caused by COVID-19 is a clear example of how the Shipping and Energy markets, which were already complicated, have become much more complex. There were and are no precedents to deal with this but forward-looking decisions must still be made


Then there are the new emissions rules that are poised to radically alter market dynamics and asset valuations in shipping.  Historical trends are null and void in this new world

Our solution provides robust, real-time, reliable, forward looking prescriptive analytics, allowing Ship Owners, Oil Companies and Traders to simulate scenarios and make smarter informed decisions both in the short and longer term. Version 1 of our tanker ABM goes a long way to addressing these problems

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Meet The Team

Our team has a strong track record of delivering solutions in many industries, BUT what we have done is not important....

What we can do for your business is! 

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Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board comprises world class experts from Cambridge, Imperial, Kings College London and Surrey

They provide top-level guidance on a wide range of modelling/data approaches and the dynamics of complex systems


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