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The new standard in  decision-making analytics for a more certain future

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Our Mission

We thrive on challenge and complexity, confidently solving the seemingly impossible and implausible and thereby unlocking hidden value and insight.  


Our determination for success is absolute; in the positive impact and value that we will bring to our clients and their commercial activities; in building a business respected for the technological barriers that it has broken down; and the opportunities that it creates for all stakeholders - employees and clients alike.


We will achieve this through empowered decision making.

Our Purpose

We have enabled a paradigm shift and transformation in how business decisions are made, and how markets conduct business.  


Our state-of-the-art technology is a force for good in creating more efficient, profitable and sustainable businesses.


Our solutions facilitate financial growth, stability and assurance for the betterment of global trade, logistics optimisation and smooth the transition to a more environmentally conscious commercial landscape.

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Our Story

We have seamlessly integrated a core team of proven world-class experts in their respective fields, respected for integrity, excellence, and their ability to pioneer new ground and deliver results.


Academically, we hail from institutions such as Oxford, London Business School and Kings College.  Commercially, we have held leading roles at renowned firms like Goldman Sachs and Bosch.

GlobalABM’s founders came together in early 2019, with the vision to apply new ground breaking technology to deliver revolutionary analytics tools.  


The team's extensive experience in commodities, energy and freight markets coupled with a deep understanding of the technologies being applied and experience in leading, developing and delivering successful products in Fintech puts us in a unique position.

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