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GlobalABM technology 

Our technology creates a full-scale virtual world that explains the behaviour of a system by simulating the behaviour of each individual entity; be it a person, object or process.

Users can better understand their sector and gain a competitive advantage through powerful insight into the future effects of today’s decisions.

Ease of use

  • Cloud based – no expensive software to configure and maintain

  • Simulator runs fully customisable - You are in control

  • Plug and play

  • Use market/industry data or your own proprietary data

  • Use our behavioural and decision making logic or select your own

  • Connect to your other existing systems via APIs

Key criteria for analytics

  1. Expressiveness: support for complex decision-making capabilities and interaction dynamics

  2. Usability: support for easy manipulation of models with the flexibility to achieve these quickly and without requiring extensive support 

  3. Performance: support for large-scale simulations (millions of agents)

Smart analytics

  • Why/when do prices go up or down

  • Identify potential volatile inflexion points

  • Identify supply & demand constraints

  • Identify logistics bottlenecks & congestion

  • What do these mean for prices and supply chains

  • What do they mean for prices of goods and transportation

  • What can you do to mitigate against adverse events

  • What might happen today; tomorrow; next week; next month; next quarter;next year ; next decade?

Dynamic analytics 

  • Simulate reasoning in a causal way

  • Drill down to examine the minutia of info

  • Carrying out tens of millions of calculations and iterations every second

  • Continually running and evaluating – the end goal is not a static equilibrium.  Whilst neat and tidy...the real world is rarely in this state

  • A continual self-reinforcing loop of simulated predictions > decisions > effects

    • Never stationary

    • Always evolving

    • Forever informing

Test & evaluate scenarios

Explore all possible scenarios and see how they are likely to play out across all the many complex inter-related dynamics that exist in the real world.  Foresight is knowledge; knowledge is power and speed of decision making.


  • Outcomes of your decisions

  • Outcomes of other’s decisions

  • Interaction between these

  • Knock-on effects and iterative results and interactions

You are in control

  • GlobalABM – Your simulator that you control; built using our intelligent components.  We do the hard work, you reap the benefits

  • Only you have access to your simulator, its outputs and your proprietary data

  • Combination of our world beating technology and your knowledge and expertise gives powerful super-human results

  • Gives you the freedom to focus on decision making rather than analysing big volumes of data

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