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Get An Advantage By Adopting Cutting Edge Simulation And Analytics

We have combined expert domain and scientific knowledge to develop our own ground-breaking proprietary technology.  It is extremely fast, flexible and powerful. 

GlobalABM has been intelligently designed for flexibility and adaptability so that it can be quickly customised to enable scenario explorations that the user controls. Rather than creating a virtual world for fun...we create a virtual world that accurately replicates the real world to deliver powerful analytics and commercial simulations.

Our technology gives you an edge over your competitors and allows you to better serve your own needs and those of your clients.  It lets you proactively be in control of events whilst your competitors have to scramble and attempt to reactively put out fires.


It utilises intelligent agents in full scale virtual world simulators that overcome the flaws inherent in legacy analytical solutions when applied to complex/dynamic systems. Our approach deals with the issue of computational irreducibility that can hamper the effectiveness of other approaches.


In such systems, past trends do not translate well into robustly forecasting that which may happen in the future whereas our behavioural agent based simulation does.

Our approach  also overcomes the problem of incomplete or erroneous data.

With GlobalABM, you can:


  1. Immediately assess impacts of shocks and changes and how to respond to them in minutes – No need to wait days and weeks before future patterns become clear

  2. Devise strategies for optimal decision making having first safely tested them in our virtual world

  3. Have full visibility and transparency into the Why and HOW of the decisions the simulator has made.  It is not a Black Box.


Get in touch with us now to explore how you can add this powerful tool to enhance your decision making.

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